What is foodwatch?

foodwatch is a non-profit campaigning organization that fights for safe, healthy and affordable food for all people. We give consumers a loud voice, speak up for transparency in the food sector and defend our right to food that harms neither people, nor the environment. more




Mineral oil in foods: No legal limits

Rice, pasta, cereals, chocolate: many everyday foods are contaminated with harmful mineral oil. And there is no legal limit for mineral oil in food so far.

Sugar, fat, salt: When food causes disease

The number of children, teenagers and adults who are overweight or obese has increased dramatically over recent decades. The main reason for this: the food environment has changed dramatically.

Misleading product labelling

Fruit yogurts with no fruit, miracle-health products with dangerous side effects: when it comes to packaged foods, misleading information is not the exception but the rule.  

International News
from Germany
27-07-2017 Pressemitteillungen Mineralöle in Lebensmitteln: Industrie blockiert Gesundheitsschutz und hält zehntausende Messergebnisse zurück – nur Aldi Süd kündigt Zusammenarbeit mit EU-Behörde an Mehr
from the netherlands
20-07-2017 Misleidende marketing Advies van Knorr: Eet je spek eens een dagje zonder vlees Lees Meer
from France
19-07-2017 TAFTA/CETA Le CETA, au forcing Lire