About foodwatch

foodwatch fights for the right of consumers.

foodwatch is an independent, non-profit organisation that exposes food-industry practices that are not in the interests of consumers. foodwatch fights for the right of consumers to know exactly what they are buying and to enjoy good food that is healthy and uncontaminated. We are fed up with being fed off.

What's the problem?

What we eat is no longer something we decide on ourselves. The food industry, lobbyists and politicians have control over what will end up on our plates and what we are allowed to know about our food. This has to stop!

Why is it like this?

For several reasons - it's worth it to the food industry, authorities stand back and watch, and consumers still don't defend themselves enough. We won't know the truth about the food on our plates until we as consumers unite and fight for our rights.

What does foodwatch want to do?

  • Consumers must have the last word about food. We have to know what is in our food so we can consciously decide what to put on our plates.
  • We want the industry to stop misleading the public by making fals promises about food products.
  • Laws protect the industry more than they do consumers. This has to change. The industry must not be allowed to expose consumers to risk and go.
  • We should look beyond our own noses when we're eating. It's wrong that biofuel for our cars is driving up the price of food all over the world, and that many people in Germany can't afford to eat a balanced diet.
  • Consumers must unite and stand up for good and safe food. If we don't defend ourselves, the food industry will stay in the stronger position. foodwatch was founded in 2002 for this reason.

How does foodwatch work?

  • foodwatch makes things clear: we do independent research and analysis, we tell the public which food products contain toxins, we name the parties responsible and we tell consumers about the barefaced lies used in food advertising.
  • foodwatch interferes: we say what's wrong and don't mince our words to the public and the media.
  • foodwatch puts on pressure: we mobilise consumer-protest activities and take offenders to court on behalf of consumers.
  • foodwatch is political: we propose changes in the law in areas where no one else seems to care, and we exert pressure to change policies.
  • foodwatch is independent: we don't accept any funds from government sources or the food industry. We are completely funded by membership fees and donations from our 25.000 (January 2013) supporters.