„Well roared!“ – foodwatch in the media

Since the founding of foodwatch in October 2002, there have been regular reports in the media about the organisation and its campaigns. The following are a few excerpts from various articles. 


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"Also in the category of undesirable awards is the ‘Golden Cream Puff’, which was awarded this year for the fourth time by the consumer-protection organisation foodwatch for the ‘most brazen advertising lie’ of the food industry. The receipt of this award is an event now feared by companies. After all, who would want to be associated with deceptive packaging and other jiggery-pokery?“

[Süddeutsche Zeitung, 23 May 2012]


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"(...) the 'food defenders' [are] a painful thorn in the flesh of the food industry."

[PR Report, April 2012]


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"No organisation lobbies as effectively as Foodwatch. Whether it’s chocolate company Ferrero or yogurt producer Danone: all of them have reason to fear that the organisation could expose their ‘advertising lies’."

[Der Kontaker, 2 January 2012]


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“Over the past ten years, (foodwatch) has become a terror for the food and agricultural industries – and a boon for consumers. (…) a small, hard-hitting team that has taken up the fight against the food giants of the republic from a backyard of Berlin. In the former factory building that houses its offices, the organisation manages and plans campaigns, with no concern for corporate interests or names. Foodwatch is motivated purely by its own aims, not by industry or politics.“

[The trade union journal ver.di PUBLIK, December 2011]


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"In terms of staff size, Foodwatch could be considered a small organisation, but few have succeeded in attracting such significant media interest. It takes a critical look at how food manufacturers advertise."

[Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 16 August 2011]


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"Be it missing information on crisps packets, toxic substances in animal feeds or genetically modified bananas – the consumer protection organisation foodwatch fights on the barricades. And in the thick of the fray: Thilo Bode. In reality the organisation is not about riots but about healthy food. For eight years the founder and director of Foodwatch has been exposing misleading information regarding food. His goal is better information for consumers."

[Wirtschaftswoche, 29 November 2010]


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"Thilo Bode founded foodwatch and, in a mere seven years, has made it into a highly regarded consumer protection organisation. A second Greenpeace. Cool-headed, intelligently managed and hard-hitting enough to take on the food industry. [...] Bode’s people have forced McDonald's to discontinue misleading advertising campaigns, stopped the illegal export of meat and bone meal and compelled Nestlé to refrain from using the liver-damaging flavouring agent coumarin. They have discovered dioxins in fish liver, published acrylamide levels and motivated 3,000 people within a single week to complain about Schuhbeck’s deceitful soup. foodwatch has made food quality a permanent topic of interest.” With foodwatch Thilo Bode has managed, “with only ten employees and in a short period of time, to make, well, the world a slightly better place."

[Financial Times Deutschland, 4 December 2009]



"foodwatch shows that consumers don’t have to swallow everything. […] A high-impact project."

[The German news agency dpa on the campaign to make misleading labelling illegal, 26 October 2009]


"The saviours of food – foodwatch exposes the big and little lies told by the producers."

[The African Times/The German Times/The Atlantic Times, 29 September 2009]


FAZ Logo

"foodwatch fights successfully against advertising lies and foods that are harmful to health… The foodwatch team consists of eleven men and women. For seven years now, this platoon has been keeping policymakers, the media and food corporations busy practically round the clock with its campaigns, managed from a small office in Berlin. Last year foodwatch had its message heard in 2,000 articles, representing an average of five per day. And that’s in addition to continuous coverage in television and radio. And the barrage is getting results."

[The Swiss Sonntagszeitung on 24 May 2009]



"Organisations like foodwatch (...) earn respect with their reliable information; they uncover scandal after scandal."

[Die Zeit on 31 October 2007]


FAZ Logo

"A small, efficient staff of tough PR pros."

[Der Spiegel on 2 January 2006]



"Well roared! (...) With abgespeist.de foodwatch is adopting a new, more laid-back tone – and I predict that this sort of cheeky counter-information will really get under the industry’s skin."

[Spiegel columnist Ullrich Fichtner, 7 March 2008, on Spiegel Online about the foodwatch campaign abgespeist.de]


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