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foodwatch is a non-profit campaigning organization that fights for safe, healthy and affordable food for all people. We give consumers a loud voice, speak up for transparency in the food sector and defend our right to food that harms neither people, nor the environment. more



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Lactalis baby milk contaminated with salmonella

Millions of boxes and at least 7000 tonnes of Lactalis baby milk may have been contaminated with salmonella, according to the French Minister of Health, in a scandal that now affects 45 countries. The French government investigated the problem at the beginning of December, and rapidly established that "the measures taken by the company were insufficient to avoid the risk of contamination of the products, which are marketed to the parents of babies and toddlers." On Sunday 10 December, France's health and economy ministers suspended the marketing and export of several key infant products in the Lactalis range, and published a list of more than 600 batch numbers for products that must be recalled, which have already been exported all over the world.


15 Years of EU General Food Law

There are enormous gaps between the aspiration and reality of European food law. The guiding principles of the General Food Law Regulation have yet to be adequately implemented, criticised the international consumer organisation foodwatch. The precautionary principle, for example, as the main pillar of European consumers’ health protection is hardly ever applied in practice. And inadequate public disclosure obligations for public authorities and companies open the doors for future food scandals.



Mineral oil in foods: No legal limits

Rice, pasta, cereals, chocolate: many everyday foods are contaminated with harmful mineral oil. And there is no legal limit for mineral oil in food so far.

Sugar, fat, salt: When food causes disease

The number of children, teenagers and adults who are overweight or obese has increased dramatically over recent decades. The main reason for this: the food environment has changed dramatically.

Misleading product labelling

Fruit yogurts with no fruit, miracle-health products with dangerous side effects: when it comes to packaged foods, misleading information is not the exception but the rule.  

International News
from the netherlands
19-01-2018 Glyfosaat EU-parlement start onderzoek naar besluitvorming glyfosaat Lees Meer
from Germany
17-01-2018 Pressemitteillungen foodwatch fordert gesetzliche Vorgaben für Gesundheit von Nutztieren – massive Probleme in allen Haltungsformen – jedes vierte Tierprodukt stammt von einem kranken Tier Mehr
from France
12-01-2018 Scandale Lactalis Produits Lactalis rappelés mais vendus en supermarchés : les distributeurs doivent rendre des comptes Lire