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What is foodwatch?

foodwatch is a non-profit campaigning organization that fights for safe, healthy and affordable food for all people. We give consumers a loud voice, speak up for transparency in the food sector and defend our right to food that harms neither people, nor the environment. foodwatch has offices in France, Germany and the Netherlands.  more




Free trade agreements (TTIP/CETA)

Agreements like CETA and TTIP are part of a “new generation” of trade deals that focus on the elimination of “non-tariff barriers”, which include important standards for consumer protection.  

Sugar, fat, salt: When food causes disease

The number of children, teenagers and adults who are overweight or obese has increased dramatically over recent decades. The main reason for this: the food environment has changed dramatically.

Misleading product labelling

Fruit yogurts with no fruit, miracle-health products with dangerous side effects: when it comes to packaged foods, misleading information is not the exception but the rule.  

International News
from the netherlands
16-06-2018 NVWA Gewobde inspectierapporten: naast fipronil nog minstens 15 andere verboden middelen Lees Meer
from Germany
15-06-2018 Pressemitteillungen Presse-Statement: foodwatch zu Kindermarketing / Lebensmittel / Verbraucherschutzministerkonferenz Mehr
from France
13-06-2018 Communiques de presse Secret des affaires : Monsieur le président, en marche vers la censure ? Lire