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The foodwatch staff from Amsterdam, Vienna, Berlin, Brussels and Paris present their motivation to be part of foodwatch.

foodwatch is a non-profit campaigning organization that fights for safe, healthy and affordable food for all people. We give consumers a loud voice, speak up for transparency in the food sector and defend our right to food that harms neither people, nor the environment. 

foodwatch is a citizen-based watchdog in the food sector. We uncover and challenge food industry practices that violate the rights or interests of consumers, with the aim of forcing political decision makers to address loopholes in European and national food policies. By conducting research, exposing scandals, mobilising consumers and lobbying governments, foodwatch provides an important counterweight to the power of the food industry. Our campaigns have raised awareness on a range of vital topics and led to successful legal challenges and some significant changes in food industry practices and governmental policy. 

As the consumer rights organization in the area of food, foodwatch is there for you. Every person can become a foodwatch supporter and can contribute to our work. foodwatch is wholly independent from state and food industry influence, and does not accept any funding from governments, the food industry, or the EU. We operate at the national and European levels, and have offices in Germany, France, Austria and the Netherlands.