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We are fighting for your right to safe, healthy foods and to information about the things you eat. We keep a close eye on industry and politics – and to remain independent, we do not accept funding from governments, the EU or the food industry. As a non-profit campaigning organization we are funded by ten thousands of people. We operate at the national and European levels, and have offices in Germany, AustriaFrance and the Netherlands.

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Do you really know what's in your bread? On half of Europe's land grains are grown, but many are soaked with chemicals, endangering insects and plants and leaving pesticide residues in our food. Despite their "eco-friendly" promises, not a single…

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19 products have been found to contain the particularly dangerous aromatic mineral oils (MOAH).

Laboratory tests by foodwatch have, for the third time, found food products contaminated with harmful mineral oil. foodwatch has tested products on sale in France, the Netherlands and Germany, and for a first time also included products from Austria…

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foodwatch has joined the lawsuit initiated by the European Citizens' Initiative “End the Cage Age” against the EU Commission. All relevant questions are answered here.

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