Financial Accounting/Control

Doreen Altmann, Financial Accounting/Financial Control

Graduate economist Doreen Altmann is the head of financial accounting at foodwatch. As a member of the foodwatch International team, she is responsible for international management accounting.

At foodwatch Doreen  makes sure that all the numbers add up, both in Germany and at international level. She plans and manages the finances of the foodwatch offices in Germany, France and the Netherlands. In addition, she works with the fundraising departments of the individual offices, providing support in membership administration, as well as in the set-up and use of member databases and their integration into the financial accounting system. For foodwatch Germany, she manages the budgets of the individual departments, prepares the annual balance sheet and, through her meticulous work, ensures that the public auditor has nothing to complain about.

Born in 1965, Doreen holds a German Diplom in economics. She has been responsible for financial accounting at foodwatch since August 2009. However, this is not her first position in a food-related organisation: in the late 1980s she worked as deputy chief accountant for the Agricultural Production Cooperative (LPG) Halbe. She later broadened her professional qualifications by programming project-management software for a real estate company. In addition, she has been working in a voluntary capacity for the sports club SG “Aufbau” Halbe for more than 20 years.