Head of the Brussels Office

Suzy Sumner, Head of the Brussels Office

Suzy is based in Brussels for foodwatch international. She is responsible for bringing the foodwatch campaigning voice to the core of the EU and making foodwatch better known among some of the key players in and around the EU institutions. She monitors what is happening at EU level and is also part of many of the campaign teams feeding in the EU dimension. Suzy is particularly interested in what happens behind the scenes in the EU bubble and bringing more transparency to decision making.

Originally from the UK, Suzy began working in Brussels in 1997 at the European Parliament with a six-month traineeship. Following that she spent six years with the European NGO SOLIDAR working on Corporate Social Responsibility before moving to head up the representative office for her region – the North West of England – to the EU. Following redundancy in 2011, Suzy went on to study nutrition and built up her own business coaching people on creating healthier habits to deal with issues such as digestion, low-energy and body image. She always kept one day working as a consultant on EU issues, first to the region of Manchester and then to foodwatch from 2019. Since 2020 she is employed three days a week by foodwatch.

Suzy studied German (Philosophy) with Dutch at university and has a francophone partner so working in the international environment of foodwatch fits perfectly. She has a Masters degree in Human Rights and an MBA.