News 19.06.2020

Bayer without convincing arguments on double standards of pesticide exports

  • Transparency and food safety
Shutterstock / Natalija Sahraj

In the last months, more than 50.000 people have urged Bayer-Monsanto, BASF and Syngenta to stop production, sale and export of pesticides banned in the EU due to negative health or environmental impacts.

Our protest meanwhile led to a correspondence between foodwatch and the worth billion pesticide giant Bayer-Monsanto. BASF and Syngenta ignored the petition of ten thousands of people so far. 

Bayer’s reaction in a long letter is unconvincing and shows a lack of responsibility for their toxic exports. Bayer claims in its letter, that it commits to safety, transparency and sustainability. The truth is, that some of their products are toxic and a danger to humans, animals and the environment. Farmers for instance suffer from health damages and environmental destruction due to pesticides. Bayer’s promises and commitments are full of loopholes so that they can still sell substances that are proven to be dangerous. Apparently, Bayer does not want to give up on their profits with these hazardous pesticides.

Additionally, Bayer does not act truly transparent. The reports produced on the basis of the “Bayer Product Stewardship Policy 2019” have so far not been made fully available to the public, although they could show the impacts of exports and allow to review Bayer’s activities.

Therefore, we urgently request that the complete internal reports according to Key Requirements 6.1, 6.9, 6.11, 6.12 and 6.13 of the Bayer Product Stewardship Policy 2019 on poisoning incidents are published immediately.

Bayer’s reaction clearly demonstrates that we have to reiterate the demand of our petition and ask them to immediately stop the production, sale and export of pesticides banned in the EU because they are clearly proven to be harmful for health and the environment and to stop opposing stronger EU regulation regarding this.

Read our reply to Bayer in full length here.