News 29.05.2024

EU election: Which party supported a healthy and nature-friendly agriculture?

  • Pesticides
istock / Dirk Daniel Mann

As the EU election nears, an analysis by various non-governmental organisation highlights which European political groups have often opposed public interest in key pesticide votes.

With the EU election in few weeks, it’s good to read parties manifestos and understand their commitments to solve issues related to food and agriculture. But their commitments are not a guarantee.

Best thing is to look at facts, and see which proposals political groups have actively supported or watered down in the last 5 years.  

PAN Europe, Friends of the Earth Europe and Corporate Europe Observatory have made an overview of the voting behaviour of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) on six key votes on pesticides. 

The results show that the majority of EPP, ECR and ID political groups have systematically voted against the public interest.  

EU citizens asked for less pesticides. Find out which politicians listened.


Across all scorecards, it is evident that there is a clear split among political groups of the EU Parliament. Undermining urgently needed measures to reduce pesticide use harms the well-being of citizens, the health of our ecosystems and a long term perspective for farmers. Now is the time to make your vote count, and to ensure that Members of the European Parliament elected in June truly represent the public interest.