Press Release 21.06.2023

foodwatch on new GMO proposal: "a huge step backwards in consumer rights"

Regarding the leaked proposal on new GMOs from the EU Commission, Heidi Porstner from foodwatch explains:

"The leaked proposal on new GMOs from the Commission is a huge step backwards in consumer rights and must not become a reality. It sets out to take away the consumers’ right to know what is in their food. European citizens have shown through their purchasing practices that they do not want GMO food. Article 8 of the General Food Law (EC 178/2002) guarantees the consumer right to make informed choices. This will be bypassed if the vast majority of new GMOs will not be labelled as proposed by the Commission. The leaked proposal satisfies GMO-industries’ wishes to enter the EU market easily without letting consumers know. Food producers, retailers and consumers must know what they are dealing with and this is only possible with clear labelling."

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