Press Release 12.12.2018

foodwatch statement on JEFTA / Trade policy / EU

Brussels, 12 December 2018. Lena Blanken of the consumer organisation foodwatch on the European Parliament's vote on the EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement (JEFTA):

"The European Parliament agreed to a trade agreement that damages European democracy. JEFTA restricts the legislative authority of the EU and its member states, jeopardizes the European precautionary principle and establishes committees without sufficient democratic control."


In order to conclude the EU-Japan agreement as quickly as possible, the EU Commission made use of a trick. It divides the agreement into two parts: a trade part and an investment part. In purely legal terms, the trade part falls within the exclusive competence of the EU (EU-only), which is why it is to be decided by the EU bodies on their own. The investment part will be decided by the EU and the Member States (mixed competence). However, this part does not yet exist.

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