News 30.05.2023

Netherlands adopts Nutri-Score

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The time has come. From January 1st 2024 Nutri-Score is officially the designated front of pack nutrition logo of the Netherlands. After years of campaigning, foodwatch is pleased that this independent, scientifically developed logo is now officially being recognised in the Netherlands. If it is up to us, the next step is, to push forward in Europe for a mandatory introduction in all member states on all pre-packed food products!

The Nutri-Score logo is the only front of pack nutrition logo based on independent science, colour-coded and based on 100g/ml rather than portion sizes set by manufacturers. Moreover, the Nutri-Score has the best chance of becoming a European mandatory logo. 

Breaking through in Brussels 

foodwatch wants the Dutch government to now also push in Brussels for Nutri-Score to become the mandatory food choice logo for the entire EU. We are still waiting for a proposal from the European Commission for a mandatory and harmonised front-of-pack nutritional logo (FOPNL).And that's even though the Netherlands, together with Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg and Switzerland, have already embraced Nutri-Score. These European countries have united in a group that is further improving Nutri-Score based on scientific research. Moreover, almost 65% of all Europeans may have already experienced or been in contact with this logo*. If it is not going to be Nutri-Score at the European level, we will be thrown back at least 10 years in developing a new system.This is our chance for a scientifically developed and independent food choice logo for Europe.

If the Commission  comes up with its own proposal for a FOPNL, there is a risk that it will take too long to be accepted and effective with consumers. We are currently in a massive health crisis in Europe. Non-communicable diseases, including type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease, account for 77% of the disease burden in Europe. They cause great human suffering and threaten the financial position of households. Non-communicable diseases account for an overwhelming share of healthcare and cost European economies €115 billion a year, or 0.8% of European GDP. Nutri-Score is ready to use, has a system for improvements in place and is recognised by consumers.

For years, health experts, medical associations and consumer organisations have been calling for effective political measures to end this health crisis. A key measure to prevent non-communicable diseases is a mandatory consumer-friendly front-of-pack nutrition label (FOPNL). Of course, other measures are also needed, such as banning marketing junk food advertisements aimed at children. And ensuring that both the ingredients used and the processing of food are not harmful to human health.

We are in the midst of a massive health crisis and it is therefore of great importance that consumers are well informed about the composition to nutritional values of products at a glance. Nutri-Score helps consumers to instantly see which breakfast cereals, for example, are better than others.
Frank Lindner Campaign leader

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