foodwatch campaigns

  • Energy Drinks

    Energy Drinks

    Both energy shots and standard energy drinks contain caffeine and taurine in exceptionally high concentrations. They are suspected of causing serious diseases, and even death.

  • Speculation with foodstuffs

    Speculation with foodstuffs

    By betting on commodity prices, banks are driving up food prices and exacerbating world hunger. The global practice of gambling on commodities must be stopped!

  • Horsemeat scandal

    Horsemeat scandal

    It is a fraud of unimaginable proportions: tonnes of horsemeat were re-declared as beef and then palmed off on consumers in a number of European countries in ready-to-serve meals. For months, the controls at large retailers failed to spot this.

  • Imitation foods and blatant trickery

    Imitation foods and blatant trickery

    Gel ham, cheese analogues and imitation shrimp: when it comes to food, fraud is not the exception, but the rule. Some fraudulent activities are punishable offences, but blatant trickery even goes on within the limits of the law.

  • Traffic light labels

    Traffic light labels

    How much fat, sugar or salt does a product have? Owing to insufficient information, these questions are often not very easy to answer. But there is a solution to this situation: the traffic light!

  • Radiation


    The nuclear catastrophe of Fukushima in 2011 stirred up fears of radiation-contaminated foods. foodwatch posed the question: What would happen in the event of a nuclear accident in Europe?

  • Livestock Farming: Scandalous conditions for farm animals - foodwatch

    Livestock farming

    The routine use of antibiotics for broiler chickens illustrates a disturbing fact: inside Germany’s livestock sheds, animal rights are being systematically violated. The systems used for livestock farming must be re-evaluated.

  • Climate


    foodwatch commissioned the IÖW Institute to examine the respective contribution of conventional and organic agriculture to the greenhouse effect. The results show that considerable amounts of greenhouse gases can be avoided in the agricultural sector.

  • Genetic engineering

    Genetic engineering

    Golden Rice is set to be launched on the market after over 10 years of research and development. Advocates maintain that there is no alternative to this genetically engineered rice variety in the fight against vitamin A deficiency.