Nutri-Score: Europe's best chance for a consumer-friendly front-of-pack nutritional label

As the European Commission prepares to announce its plans for an EU-wide mandatory Front-of-Pack Nutritional Label (FOPNL), the Nutri-Score label has been identified as potential candidate. The proposal to have a mandatory and harmonised front of pack nutritional label has provoked wide debate. The debate has become polarised and not always based on facts. foodwatch wants to shift the focus back to the science.

Read more about the Nutri-Score and why it is Europe's best chance for a consumer-friendly front-of-pack nutritional label:

'Ask the Expert’ session for MEPs: Nutri-Score explained

On the 29 November 2022 BEUC (The European Consumer Organisation) and foodwatch organised an “Ask the Expert" Session for Members of the European Parliament. 

Dr Chantal Julia, one of the scientists involved in developing and testing the Nutri-Score, as well as in the recent update of its calculation method, was there and answered all questions about the science behind the Nutri-Score or front-of-pack nutrition labelling in general. 

Speakers were:

  • Dr Chantal Julia, Université Paris 13
  • Emma Calvert, Senior Food Policy Officer, BEUC
  • Suzy Sumner, Head of Brussels Office, foodwatch (moderator)

A recording of the webinar is available here (60 mins) as well as links to the presentations given:

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Further information: 

Below are some information sheets developed for public information which explain:

Why it is better to use 100g or 100ml as the reference value for a nutritional label, and not per portion serving 

Why nutritional information is not the same as information on ultra-processing of food and how to understand the differences

Why Nutri-Score does not penalise more traditional foods

How Nutri-Score works as a science-based public health tool