Nutri-Score Protest in Brussels

In a colourful protest action in front of the FoodDrinkEurope secretariat in Brussels, foodwatch told the lobby organisation to take responsibility for the health of consumers by supporting the Nutri-Score instead of lobbying against it.

What is foodwatch?

We are fighting for your right to safe, healthy foods and to information about the things you eat. We keep a close eye on industry and politics – and to remain independent, we do not accept funding from the government or the food industry. As a non-profit campaigning organization we are funded by ten thousands of people. We operate at the national and European levels, and have offices in Germany, AustriaFrance and the Netherlands.

About us

Our campaigns

We need trade agreements that do not pose a threat to democracy. We need trade to strengthen consumer, environmental and social rights. CETA does not satisfy these criteria and must therefore be stopped immediately!

If multinational companies are able to sponsor an EU institution, were does that leave democracy and transparency? There needs to be clear and binding rules on Member States to not accept any sort of sponsorship from companies.

Highly toxic pesticides are prohibited for use in the EU due to their harmful effects on health and the environment. Nevertheless, European companies can legally produce, sell and export these hazardous substances to third countries.

Latest Updates

The additive E171 will finally be banned from all food products in the European Union. foodwatch demands that the EU should ban all controversial additives that are currently authorised for food in Europe.

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